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Commercial Services

Commercial | Civil Site Development

Commercial | Civil Site Development

D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating has a full service commercial division that has experience doing a variety of projects, including subdivisions, industrial, and retail. They range from coffee shops to subdivisions, restaurants to storage facilities, strip malls to industrial parks, and many projects in between. We are equipped to handle every part of the project and offer full service General Contractor services. High quality work and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Site Grading

To get your site ready for construction, D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating does large mass grading projects and any type of site grading that your project calls for. We do the lot grading, leveling a site, foundation dig-out, backfill, concrete grading, and final grading. For precision grading, D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating has the machines with GPS, laser leveling, and operators to make your vision a reality.

Commercial Demo

Demolition | Land Clearing

Extra structures on your site? Cracked or improperly installed concrete? We demo buildings, break up concrete, and haul the debris off site. Do you have lots of brush or trees on your site? D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating has all of the equipment and trucks to get your property cleared, no matter how big or small the site is.

Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities

Our expertise ensures that your utilities are installed where they need to be. We do it all; Sewer Mainline, Water Mainline, Storm System, Electrical Trenching, Irrigation, Fire Lines, Fire Hydrants, Manholes, Catch Basins, Grease Interceptors and all other trenching you need.

Underground Fire Lines

Level U Certified: We install underground fire lines to buildings along with FDCs, PIVs, DCVAs, Vaults, and Fire Hydrants.

Curbing | Asphalt Paving

Curbing | Asphalt Paving

We do curb, asphalt, and concrete prep, and have subcontractors for curb, asphalt, concrete, pavement striping, and wheel stops.

Retaining Walls

Do you have steep slopes that need enforced? D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating preps and installs retaining walls.

Road Building

Dump Trucking

Needing sand, gravel, or dirt for your project? Whether you need 1 load or 100 loads, we have the trucks to haul the material to your jobs. Have too much material on your sites? D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating will take care of that and export the material off.

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