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Residential Services



From site prep to final grading, D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating has a full service residential division. We do foundation dig-out, install utilities, sewer line, water line, irrigation, power trenching, septic systems, backfill, concrete prep, and import and export material. We finish off the project with a smooth final graded lot. Need a driveway or private road to your home site, we will do that too! Our expertise will keep the project on schedule and on budget.

Septic System

Septic Systems

Install | Repair | Replace
New construction or having issues with your current septic system? D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating can help! We are licensed in Benton, Franklin, Yakima, Walla Walla, Adams, and Grant Counties. Our team specializes in new installations, repairs, tank replacements and drainfield replacements, to full septic replacements, and test holes. We install any type of septic system that your site requires, whether it be a conventional gravity system or an engineered system. We also do septic to city sewer conversions.

Sewer Line Install | Repair | Replace

Sewer Line

Install | Repair | Replace
Are you building a new home or starting a renovation project? Do you have a septic that needs converted to city sewer? No matter how big or small, we can help you out with your project and keep it stress free for you! Do you have problems with your sewer lines? Is your sewer backing up into the house? Are your lines clogged? Not sure what is going on? No worries, we will find the issues and get it taken care of for you!

Water Line Install | Repair | Replace

Water Line

Install | Repair | Replace
The water lines at your home or business are what bring you access to running water. It is essential that they are working properly at all times! If you are planning a new build, D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating can get these water lines installed to your building. Suspecting trouble with your current water lines? Do you have a sudden spike in your water bill, drop in water pressure? You may have clogged lines or a leak in the water lines. Give us a call, we can come out and diagnose what the problem is and get your water back up and running properly!

Retaining Walls

Do you have steep slopes that need enforced? D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating preps and installs retaining walls.

Dump Trucking

Dump Trucking

Needing sand, gravel, or dirt for your project? Whether you need 1 load or 100 loads, we have the trucks to import the material to your jobs. Have too much material on your site? D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating will take care of exporting the material off-site.

Demolition | Land Clearing

Demolition | Land Clearing

Extra structures on your site? Cracked or improperly installed concrete? We demo buildings, break up concrete, and haul the debris off site. Do you have lots of brush or trees on your site? D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating has all of the equipment and trucks to get your property cleared, no matter how big or small the site is.

Residential Site Grading

Site Grading

To get your site ready for construction, we do all types of site grading from small lot grading to large grading projects. We do the lot grading, leveling a site, foundation dig-out, backfill, concrete grading, and final grading. For precision grading, D&D Tri-Rivers Excavating has machines with laser leveling and operators to make your site dreams a reality.

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